Thursday, June 08, 2006

49th Ward Democratic Committeeman David Fagus

Life Is Precious
It has been a long while since I last posted something here. To those who seem to believe that the world of blogs is the only way life happens that would mean I have been doing nothing. Of course that is not the case. We have been busy working on getting our summer plans together, holding our monthly meetings and of course closely following the events that are shaping up our November ticket.



Blogger Anne Sullivan said...

About George Dunne: "It was humbling to sit as an equal with a man you had seen growing up shape this city into what it was."

This reminds me about the time that Dan Quayle compared himself to JFK. Sir, you are NO George Dunne!

7:03 PM  
Blogger gf said...


thanx for reviving that infamous quote from the late senator benson.


The two vice presidential candidates met for their debate and the topic of Quayle’s youth and experience was brought up. Quayle responded by looking in to the camera, and carefully explained that he was about to the same age as John Kennedy when he entered the Senate, and was now close the same age as Kennedy when he started his presidency.

Looking like an impatient schoolteacher about to reprimand an insolent student, Senator Lloyd Benson of Texas, responded, “I knew John Kennedy, John Kennedy was a friend of mine, and you Senator, are no John Kennedy”.

The audience burst into applause and laughter, and the stunned Quayle meekly responded, “That was uncalled for Senator”. It was the highlight of the debate for the Democrats, and soon became a national joke.

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