Monday, July 17, 2006

Aldermanic Candidate Don Gordon Opens Camapaign Headquarters


On Sunday, the Don Gordon for 49th Ward Alderman Campaign headquarters officially opened with a two hour event featuring special guest comedian Aaron Freeman. The campaign office is located at 1600 West Morse Ave.


Blogger Maatjewelry said...

I am renter, a person with a disability, and have lived in Rogers PARK 17 YEARS, PATRONIZED IT FOR OVER 25. I see no candidate but Joe really concerned about the issues of diversity, which include disability issues, but Joe. However, though I like Joe. I serve on a committee with James and he does not really speak to me, rather brushes me off as if I am insignificant. It is quite interesting the dynamics that come into play when we are at the Rogers Park Consortium meetings. That does not bode well for a candidate for alderman. I find Don Gordon sincere and a nice guy, but his campaign office space is not even accessible, so I can't get in to sign his nominating petition or attend his meetings. However, I like his website. I like Joe Moore as a person and as someone who cares about all in the ward, though I, too, would like to see someone else take the reins just as Joe did when David Orr left for the County Clerk's office. However, based on what I have witnessed and experienced from the alternative, I may still be forced to vote for Joe. I will say this, if Don wants my vote and help with his Campaign, he needs to have a ramp, even if a wood incline available for people in wheelchairs to get into his Campaign headquarters. Aldermen have to uphold the city ordinance Section 2-160 forbids discrimination in public accommodations. I work with youth and I am a renter myself, so I oppose anything that pushes people out of their home just because they cannot afford homebuying or high rental costs. I live in Rogers Park for the diversity of ideas, people, ages, lack of a racial majority, spirituality, acceptance of all races and cultures without putting any down, haven for artists and people with disabilities (through an alderman who upholds the ordinance even when his Campaign supporters gripe), an alderman who supports living wages and benefits so that he is not a rubber stamp for the mayor. I have not seen Joe's house, but I have not seen any other candidate's house either. I don't want to see their houses, so much as their hearts. Where is your heart? What makes you tick? If you weren't opposing the incumbent, what would your platform really be? Instead of focusing on the negatives of the candidates, I would now just like to focus on Rogers Park and who could do the most good for all of Rogers Park--who is a reform candidate instead of a machine politician? Who supports William Walls III for mayor as the reform candidate? Who represents a champion for cultural democracy? Who can I call even when they are at their daughter's wedding to dispel racial violence--Joe did. Who will not just lip words of action, but actually demonstrate their commitment to the people of this ward? Who is willing to take on police corruption, violence, and ward cleanup without criminalizing youth? Who is willing to work with the community groups that really do support a united Rogers Park even if those groups do not support your candidacy? Who is willing to see the CAPS meetings have community ownership--so it creates a sense of trust not just between homeowners and police, or business groups and police, but ordinary people and police, youth and police. Real community policing-on neutral ground, in an environment of trust where everyone is worthy of comment and respect. An environment in which police officers and residents have mutual respect, not just because the police carry guns and can rid the corners of drug dealers if they had the time and manpower, but because police officers like residents we are just ordinary people with an extraordinary task of building relationships based on honest feedback, integrity, ongoing training, and intuition. If people don't get it, they should not be aldermen. Right now, I am considering either Joe Moore or Don Gordon, but I need to see Don be more cognizant of the human rights ordinance as it pertains to people with disabilities. As for any candidate who does not like youth, people in wheelchairs who demand access, people born outside the USA, people who have low income and are forced by discrimination or disability to accept government help (big business does it everyday), or people who do not have the same sexual gender as the candidate, I don't have much time for people running for office who alienate particular populations; so please don't let me find out if you do-- I will broadcast it. Meanwhile, there is time for each candidate learn the needs of the community, the contents of the human rights ordinance that they must uphold as alderman (not just their personal reasons for running), and cultivate a campaign of honesty. Sometimes the best man or woman does not win, but may the best man win in 2007 who will be a representative of the community in the best interests of the entire city. Hey, by the way, why do no women run in Rogers Park? Don't answer. We know why. Besides, that is another consideration for a separate blog, and I have written enough.

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