Thursday, July 13, 2006

Decision Set for July 19th

Vote for Cook County Board president set for July 19

Medill--A resolution to accept the resignation letter of the county board leader, who has not been seen by the public since he suffered a severe stroke in March, passed unanimously during the board's monthly meeting.

The unanimity found throughout the Stroger tribute was quickly lost once the issue of the July 19th vote came on the table.

Questions regarding the number of votes needed to elect an interim president were hotly contested. Chicago Democratic Board members Earlean Collins and Jerry Butler, the only two members to vote 'no', said they wanted a provision added stating that a minimum of nine votes must be required to name a new board leader. more...

and from the Tribune

Some Republicans have said that Claypool, who lost to Stroger in the March primary, could be an attractive alternative. If the 11 Democrats splinter on a choice, the five-member Republican voting bloc could play a pivotal role.

Claypool said he is not campaigning for the job, but he would seek it if a consensus choice has not emerged by next Wednesday's meeting."I ran for this office. I care deeply about the issues involved in it," Claypool said.

"It would be nice if there was a broad consensus. And I want to see if there is before I decide to submit my name.
"Daley wouldn't say whom he might support. more....

and this from The Daily Southtown

Cook County commissioner from the Southland says she has a cure for the county's "hiccups in the transition of power."

Elizabeth Doody Gorman (R-Orland Park) plans to introduce an ordinance today that would create a line of succession in case the office of president becomes permanently vacant.
Under the ordinance, the office would be inherited by the chairman of the finance committee, regardless of the person's political affiliation or years of service. Today, that would be John Daley, a brother of Mayor Richard Daley.

If the finance chairman declined the job, the most senior county board member would be named acting president, the ordinance states. Carl Hansen (R-Mount Prospect) holds the longest tenure.
The line of succession would prevent the "chaos and dissension" among commissioners that has ensued since President John Stroger had a stroke March 14 and disappeared from public life, Gorman said.
"We are the only government that I am aware of that does not have a line of succession," Gorman said. "I am trying to prevent any hiccups in the transition of power."

Larry Suffredin (D-Evanston) said he doesn't think the board has authority to establish a line of succession. more....



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