Monday, July 17, 2006

Ahead of the Decision Tomorrow

Steele Drops Bid for Stroger Seat, Activist Files Lawsuit

Cook County Commissioner Bobbie Steele on Monday withdrew her name from consideration for County Board president in the November election, indicating party leaders will likely select the ailing incumbent's son, Ald. Todd Stroger.

The County Board will meet Wednesday to pick an interim replacement from among its ranks. Commissioners say the selection appears to be narrowing to a choice between Steele and Forrest Claypool, Stroger's primary opponent, although other board members remain interested in the position.

Also Monday, a political activist, Carl Hamilton, filed a lawsuit in U.S. District Court seeking to have a judge order a new primary election, charging party officials conspired to hide Stroger's condition so they could choose his successor. Hamilton, who said he is the director of a political committee called Council on Voter Education and Voter Responsibility, filed the lawsuit without a lawyer. More from The Tribune

Stroger is Back in the Hospital
Sun Times--John Stroger, who recently resigned as Cook County Board president, is back in the hospital after suffering seizures. Stroger was re-admitted to the hospital Friday, though his family did not disclose until today that he had checked back in.
Stroger's family has been releasing few details of his medical condition since his stroke in March on the eve of the Democratic primary election, saying they wanted to respect his privacy.
Stroger's family denied a television report that he had suffered another stroke.
"He just went in for observation because of the seizures," said Bill Figel, a spokesman for Ald. Todd Stroger (8th), John Stroger's son.
Ald. Stroger, who will ask Cook County Democratic committeemen Tuesday to slate him to replace his father on the November general election ballot, said this afternoon that he has not talked much with his father about the election.
"He's been up and down," Todd Stroger said of his father. "I'm trying to let him take some of the stress off."
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